Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Spring (seed packet) Card

This is a fun little card I made for PrimaHybrid. It is a card with a little gift attached (the little flower head raised off the card is actually a little packet that contains seeds). The tutorial below was in the last PrimaHybrid newsletter. If you don't already get the newsletter you can sign up here, there are always great ideas in it!

If you like the concept of this card, there is a challenge at primahybrid.com (based on this card) to make a card or layout with some kind of interactive item. Fun stuff! Go over and check it out.


1.) Open the digital papers and embellishments you want to use, I used Vera Lim's Vintage Garden for this card.

2.) Next, I opened a new file and using my ruler guides and the rectangular marquee tool, I selected a square area to represent the final size I wanted for the card. I made mine a 5" square (a little smaller than the 5.5" square pre-made cardstock card I was using for the base). After I had the selection I wanted, I used the "stroke" tool to create an outline around it. This outlined box represented the boundaries for my graphic.

3.) Then I brought in the digital elements I wanted to use, started playing around with the different papers and elements until I had a design I liked. But sure to include text somewhere on the card indicating the seed type and what sort of climate conditions are required.

4.) For the most part, I used the papers and elements as they were in the kit, with just some resizing and such. However, a few elements did get some alternations. On the flowers, I erased a leaf from each and moved the other leaf around on the stem until I liked their placement. On the tag, I created a darker green outline by using the magic wand to just select the outer frame of the tag, then used this selection to create a mask so I could "fill" the shape with the dark green paper.

5.) The flower closest to the seed packet text will serve as the packet to hold the seeds. To make the packet from the flower, you will need two extra images of this flower. They need to be mirror images of each other so they line up when attached back to back.

6.) So, the next step, is too plan out how to print the elements of the card design. This is based on how much layering you want on the final piece. When I know what elements need to be printed individually and which need to be printed together, I just turn the various layers on and off to get the views I need. As I turn the layers on and off I copy each of the views/elements I need for the card onto a new sheet for printing.

7.) Once this sheet is printed, I cut out all of the pieces. I left a white edge on the two flowers that will be used for the seed packet. I think it will make it stand out a little more on the card and provides some extra room for the seeds.

8.) Assemble all but the two flower heads (to be used for seed packet) onto the card. I attached the background image to a green card base and then attached the tag and flowers with pop-up dots. I added a second butterfly, which I only glued at the body so the wings could be folded up off the page.

9.) For the seed packet, add glue on the back edge of one the flower graphics, stay really close to the edge with the glue so you will have room to fill the shape with the seeds. Leave one side open so you can get the seeds into the shape. I was able to fit a whole pack of Cosmos seeds into this flower. Once you have the seeds in the flower, glue the shape closed and attach to card.

10.) Finally, add other embellishment to the card. I added some gems and ribbon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

NEW Ribbon Storage!

I love Ribbon Ring!!!! I previously stored my ribbon on chipboard cards within baskets. I liked the way looked, it was nice and tidy. But the baskets were packed tight making it hard to get the cards in and out and I was always sticking myself with the pins that help the ribbons on the cards. So, when I saw someone post this picture of the Ribbon Ring system on Scrapbook.com, I thought I would order it and give it a try. Well, I love it!!! I added some hooks to the inside of the closet door in my studio and now I just open the door and all this ribbon is right there! It is so accessible. It did take a couple of evenings to get it assembled, but it should be easy to maintain it now. I organized by color this time and it looks so pretty! (It was organized by manufacturer when I had in on wrapped on cards)

Also, I found some little labels at the office supply store that fit perfectly on the Ribbon Ring tags. I used these to add the manufacture name to each tag. Getting all of the labels printed and attached took less than an hour - it was totally worth it! And I printed some extras labels of each brand so I wouldn't have to print a just a few labels each time I get a couple pieces of new ribbon.

Anyway, so that's it, and it's kind of insane how happy this new ribbon storage makes me, but if you are in or have been in that crazy obsessive organization mode, you know exactly what I'm talking about. :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cherry Blossom Festival and Kite Festival

The weather is starting to get really nice in DC and that means...Cherry Blossom Festival! I went down the tidal basin the first weekend of the festival and the blossoms were really beautiful! I got some really good photos; they are going to be perfect for scrapping! :)

Also that day, The 42nd Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival was taking place, it was so cool to see all of the kites on the Mall, it was hard to get good pictures, but I think you can kind of get the idea from the one below. Anyway, that was my first really enjoyable weekend outside since last fall. Yeah for spring!!! Hope you all are getting to enjoy some good weather as well!