Monday, November 15, 2010

Tattered Angel's Paints and Wood...

Here are some projects focused on using wood with Tattered Angels paints.

The first project is a set of place cards made using re-purposed wooden stamp blocks and large chipboard letters.

Products Used - Chipboard Letters, Glimmer Glaze (Cowboy), Glimmer Mist (Sugar Maple, Indian Corn, Apple, Meadow Green, Coffee Shop, Glimmer Glam (Espresso Bean): Tattered Angels; Silk Leaves: Michael's; and re-purposed wood stamp blocks. 

The chipboard letters I used here are from the Tattered Angels Regal Framed Fonts. I love their framed font collections. Each letter is made of three separate pieces (the letter, the background, and the frame); this makes it very easy to color each piece a different color. Here I used Coffee Shop GM on the frames, Apple and Meadow Green GM on the backgrounds, and Sugar Maple and Indian Corn GM on the letters. I coated the backs of the letters with Cowboy Glimmer Glaze. To make the bases, I cut a little slit in the wood stamp block with a Dremmel, then I treated the blocks with a crackle finish. Once the crackle finish was dry I painted on some Tattered Angels Espresso Beam Glimmer Glam.

The next project also uses re-purposed wooden stamp blocks to create a framed piece of altered art.

Products Used - Glimmer Mist (Tiger Lily, Peppermint Stick, Candlelight, Sunflower, Twilight, Caribbean Blue, Keylime Pie, Frozen Lake and Meadow Green): Tattered Angels; Chipboard: MAMBI; Epoxy Stickers: MAMBI; Gems: Martha Stewart; Button: Webster's Pages; Paper: MAMBI; Metal Accents: Making Memories; and re-purposed wood stamp blocks.

Some of the blocks were covered with photos, some with patterned paper, and some still have the original sticker showing the stamp design. The solid colored blocks were sprayed with Glimmer Mist. What is so cool about glimmer mist is the ability to get a wide range of shades from one bottle just by altering the amount you apply. This makes it easy to get the perfect shade to coordinate with your project. And because you can blend colors together, having only a few colors of GM can yield many different results.

The last project is an re-purposed wooden wine box.

Products Used - Glimmer Mist (Forest Green, Sunflower, Peppermint Stick, Frozen Lake, Black Magic and Sand): Tattered Angels; Glimmer Glaze (Cowboy): Tattered Angels; Patterned Paper: Dream Street; Gems: Prima and MAMBI; and re-purposed wine box.

I painted the outside of the box with Cowboy Glimmer Glaze. I sprayed the inside with Forest Green and Frozen Lake Glimmer Mist. I covered some of the areas inside the box with patterned paper.

I used the Tattered Angels Postage Stamp Framed Fonts to add the word "cards" on the outside of the box. I framed the word with some of the Tattered Angels Embossed Glimmer Chips sprayed with Black Magic Glimmer Mist. The Glimmer Mist colors I used on the letters were Forest Green, Frozen Lake, Sunflower, Sand, and Peppermint Stick.

Hope you enjoyed the wood focused projects!  Take care - Patty.