Thursday, May 31, 2012

Catching up...

Here are a few more projects I made last year but never posted here on my blog. Lots of Tattered Angels glimmer mist and Tattered Angels chipboard used on these.

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Misting fun...

Here are a couple projects I made and never uploaded to my blog. They were posted on the Tattered Angels blog last year. First, I made a little card by stamping a flower and text on a tag and then I sprayed some glimmer mist into paint trays and painted the image.

Next is a little set of mini cards made using the Tattered Angels glimmer mist and Tattered Angels butterfly framed fonts chipboard.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Easy screen projects...

This post focuses on screens. There are so many layering possibilities with screens, sometimes they can be overwhelming. If you are new to using screens, here are a few projects that are really simple to make. Just lay the screen on the paper and spray with your favorite Glimmer Mists. (I used Butternut Squash, Blackberry Cordial, Mallard, and Nougat.) To enhance the definition of the image, after they were dry, I traced around the image with a marker.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Perfectly Easy Color Combos…

For these projects, I used the House of Three Favorites Glimmer Mist Set. The set includes the following Glimmer Mists: Starfish, Apple, Sugar Maple and Patina. These Tattered Angels pre-made combo packs make it so easy to have perfect color combinations and effortless blending. Most of the paper and embellishments I used for my cards started out primarily white. I only used the four glimmer mists that come in the pack to add color to the cards. I love the way they turned out. The common colors tie the cards together so these could easily being considered a set of cards. I usually make little card sets to give away as holiday presents; I think this is my first set.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Tattered Angels + Prima = Yummy!

So many of Prima’s products are wonderfully mistable using Tattered Angels paints. My first project is a gift box. When I took a pair of earring to a jeweler for repairs, they gave them back to me in this fancy white leather box. I didn’t want to just toss it, so I altered into a little gift box.

I painted the sides of the box with Glimmer Glam (Midnight Rendezvous). I painted to top of the box with a mix of Glimmer Glam (Organic Garden and Tide Pool) and Glimmer Glaze (Waterfall and Wicked). I wrapped a Prima felt ribbon around the box and then painted a little Glam (Chandelier) on it. For the flower, I used some of the new Prima canvas pieces combined with a white paper flower. I sprayed both the canvas and paper flowers with Glimmer Mist (Coral Reef, Tiger Lily, Vintage Pink, and Lemon Zest). Then I layered them and added some glittery accents with Glimmer Glam (Chandelier and Espresso Bean). Finally, to complete the box, I added a “thank you” rub-on.

On this next project, I altered some Prima Paintables paper. This paper works so nicely with Tattered Angels paints. First I stamped the paper with clear embossing ink to create some resists. The stamps I used are from Prima (Notary and Hex Net). I painted the details on the paper with Glimmer Glam (Big Apple and Organic Garden) and Glimmer Glaze (Orange Crush). Then I sprayed the background with Glimmer Mist (Aquamarine and Lemon Zest). The letters were altered with the same Glazes and Glams that were used on the flowers.

On my last project, I used another piece of Prima Paintables. After I painted the flowers and leaves, I embossed them with clear embossing power to give them a glossy finish. The colors I used to paint the flowers were Glimmer Glam (Big Apple and Organic Garden), Glimmer Glaze (Orange Crush), and Glimmer Mist (Lemon Zest). Then I sprayed the background with Glimmer Mist (Patina, Turquoise Blue, and Lemon Zest). I painted the chipboard circles and letter with the same Glazes and Glam used on the paper.

OK – that’s it for me today, thanks for stopping by the blog today. Patty

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marvelous Mistables…

I love checking out the Tattered Angels blog and seeing all of the different things on which you can use Tattered Angels paints. Here, I decided to alter three different flowers types (paper, yarn and cork).

My first card has altered paper flowers. I pulled these layered flower stickers apart, sprayed each layer with Glimmer Mist (Tiger Lily, Coral Reef, Marmalade, Meadow Green, and Lemon Zest) and then reassembled them on a journaling card sprayed with Glimmer Mist (Electric Blue).

Here is a photo of the flowers before they were altered with Glimmer Mist.

For my second card I altered a yarn flower. I sprayed the flowers with Glimmer Mist (Lemon Zest, Marmalade and Coral Reef) and then painted a little Glimmer Glam (Espresso Bean and Big Apple) around the center of the flower.

Here is a photo of the yarn flower before it was altered with Glimmer Mist and Glimmer Glam.

On my last card I altered some plain cork circles with Chalkboard Glimmer Mist (Teal High Heel, Sprout, Inchworm, Polka Dot Pink, Alaskan Salmon, Grape Ape and Firefly). To add a little more sparkle I brushed each cork circle one with a little Glimmer Glam (Chandelier).

Here is a photo of the cork circles before they were altered with Chalkboard Glimmer Mist and Glimmer Glam.

I hope you enjoyed these projects and thanks for stopping by the blog today! Patty

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I love cards…

I made some round cards, I haven’t made this shape in awhile. I attach the front and back of the card together with a little eyelet, so you swivel them open.

My first card is a birthday celebration card. I made it using Pink Paislee Soiree papers along with some of the Tattered Angels Soiree Color Connections paints. There are four Glimmer Mist in the Soiree Color Connections Kit (Dark Denim, Party Pink, Aquamarine, and Marigold). I used the latter two colors on this card. I sprayed pools of Marigold and Aquamarine GM on the large scalloped circle and then I applied just a quick centered spray of Aquamarine GM on the small doily.

The next two cards are general cards, without a sentiment on the outside or inside. I like having some blank cards around for those moments when you need something quick. I used a doily diecut as a mask and sprayed Marigold and Aquamarine Glimmer Mist onto the scalloped background paper. Then I sprayed two smaller doilies with GM. I used a mix of Sunflower and Lemon Zest GM on one and Aquamarine GM on the other. The little butterfly in the center is made of wood. I sprayed it with Lemon Zest GM and the painted the top layer with Paradise Pink Glimmer Glaze.

OK – my last card is a little similar to the second card. In fact the green doily on this third card is what I used as the mask on the second card. Here, I layered it over a large scalloped circle which I sprayed with a mix of Lemon Zest and Vintage Pink GM. The small doily is sprayed with Coffee Shop GM. The butterfly in the center of this card is lace. I sprayed it with Lemon Zest and Vintage Pink GM and then I added a little Orange Crush and Cowboy Glimmer Glazes. I topped it off with a couple of these really cool iridescent green gems I got at Michaels, they are so pretty!

That’s it for me today! Take care and thanks for stopping by the blog today. Patty