Friday, June 6, 2008

Studio finally ready for action!

I am very excited that my studio is ready for action! It took a few weeks to get it done, and I still have some things to do (wall art, covering some storage boxes with cool paper, and making key sheets for my stamps - I put them all in CD cases). But, for the most part the room is ready. I managed to get a day to play in the new room (I made some quick and easy hybrid cards - see below) before I had to go a week-long busniess trip. So, now that I am back I'm really looking forward to this weekned and spending some time creating. Hope you get to do something creative this weekend too!

These are my latest cards. I used a couple quick and easy hybrid techniques. One technique is to use a digital scrapbook quick page, just reduce it to card size, print, attch to card and embellish. The other technique is combining a digital paper with a digital element (flowers, swirls...) in photo editing software, print the graphic, crop to card size and embellish.

For product details see my gallery.