Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today is World Card Making Day!!!

I've been an awful blogger and I have lots of projects to share from the past couple months. I am going to work on getting that stuff up this week, but today's post is all about World Card Making Day! It is held on the first Saturday of October and there are lots of ways to join in the fun today. There is lots of info at the website.

Paper Crafts Magazine was the founder of World Card Making Day, and as such, they are always a big sponsor of the Day. Their annual World Card Making Day Card Contest has great prizes, they pick 20 winners, and your cards need to be postmarked by October 20. Last year, I was one of the lucky ones with the card below. (The card shown in the large box below is the one Paper Crafts selected last year, the ones shown in the smaller boxes are the others I had made as part of this set.) Paper Crafts publishes the winners in their magazine, it was very exciting for me, it was the first time I had anything published! So I hope you all give it a try, this year it could be you!

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