Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Easy holiday decor...

Well, it's December already! I can't believe it - still so much to do before I'm ready for the holidays! Anyway - here's a quick holiday decor idea. All you need is: plain pillar candles, translucent printable paper, your favorite holiday digital papers, glue, and epsom salt.

Print your favorite digi papers onto trace paper (guidance for printing into trace paper can be found here). I used papers from the just released Impressions of Festivities Kit that can be found at This kit is being offered at a special price of $4.99 until 3 December, after that it will sell for $9.99.

Trim the width of the printed paper so it wraps around the candle once and trim the height to suit your liking. With a brush or sponge, apply glue (I used Mod Podge) all around the side of the candle, then wrap the printed paper around the candle. Coat the side of the candle in glue again and roll the candle in epsom salt. Make a few of these and arrange them on a tray. You can supplement the arrangement with greenery, berries, pinecones, or whatever else you would like. It is important to note, as with all embellished candles, for safety reasons, you want to tend to these candles as they burn to ensure your embellishments are staying clear of the fire.

Take care and thanks for stopping by today!  Patty

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

These are beautiful! How did you keep the epsom salts off of the top of the candle? I think I will try some of these for Valentines Day.