Monday, May 23, 2011

A peek into my studio space...

Last month (April) over at the Tattered Angels blog, the design team posted peeks into their studios spaces. We focused a little on how we each store our Tattered Angels products. There's a huge variety of spaces shown, I'm sure you can find some storage ideas, no matter how large or small your space is.

I have a small room that I use for crafting/home office; it is also the guest room (it has a pull out sofa). Here is a photo of the desk area. That tower next to desk is where I store patterned paper. The drawers next to the desk are where I store small things that I use a lot (glue, gems, glitters, etc.).

The desk has a pull out surface; this lets me get more desk surface without having to place a large desk in the room.

I keep a little swatch book of glimmer mists, chalks, glazes, and glam right next to my desk.

I have a bunch of divided containers that I use for flowers (including the lovely white ones that are perfect for misting and painting), beads, buttons, brads, eyelets and other small pieces. Here are some images of that stuff.

I have a set of bookshelves in the room; this is where I store my stamps, screens and embossing plates.

I place most of stamps into CD cases, but the Tattered Angels stamps are large and many don’t fit into CD cases, so I just keep these in their packages and store them on a shelf next to other stamps.

I store the Tattered Angels screens in a desk paper organizer.

I store all of my paints in one of those shoe storage things that hangs on the back of a door. The Glimmer Mists are grouped by color. The Glimmer Glams, Glimmer Chalks and Glimmer Glazes are group together by type instead of color; each type has its own pouch.

And, I also store a lot of stuff in the room’s closet. On the inside of the closet door, I have ribbon storage.

And I have a bunch of wicker baskets in the closet where I keep tags, stickers, rub-ons, and alphas.

Also in the closet is some more paper storage shelves and little drawer units. The paper storage holds colored cardstock, glittered cardstock, and specialty papers, like diecuts and transparencies.

The little drawers hold chipboard pieces and things like that. Each theme from Tattered Angels gets a drawer, so in one drawer I will have the Glimmer Chips and the Glimmer Glass from the Nature Collection. I also keep the all my Tattered Angels Framed Fonts in these drawers.

So, that’s probably enough photos of craft storage, here are a couple of card/envelope combos that I made.

Thanks for stopping by today - Patty


Andiepants said...

Your studio space is wonderful. I just happened to stumble across your blog and I love it! Can't wait to see more!

tracy said...

I love your drawers. Where did you get them. They are so cool

Belladonna said...

Your studio may be called as paradise for crafters. Just stunning!