Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Entry...Yippee!

I have really been enjoying hybrid design lately, so I took a chance and submitted to be on the Prima Hybrid Creative Team. I got selected...YEAH! Well, they wanted to have a blog party to welcome us new girls... which sounds fabulous right... well, there was one problem with that for me... no blog. It's been on "the list"... I'm sure you all have one of those "lists" as well. So, now here I am entering my first entry into the blog and trying to get something ready so I can use it for the blog party today. I am not sure how good of a blogger I am going to end up being, but I guess we're gonna find out. :)

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Bhawana said...

Dear Patty, I am in love with your blog. Could not stop myself to explore your complete blog. every creation is awesome.. bright colors hybrid designs color combination everything is beautiful. All the best your new fan :).

and disable that word verification. It takes a lot of time to submit the comment.