Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! Just wanted to stop in and share my Easter egg decorating story. I went out yesterday and bought little pieces of lace to decorate eggs with this technique I saw on on Martha Stewart's website. I did see a lot of comments from people saying it didn't work very well, but I thought that's them, I'll be skillful and careful, and it will work for me. Well, not so much. She was using food coloring not those little egg decorating tablets they sell every year, so maybe next year I'll try that. Last year I embellished the dyed eggs with a lot of scrappy supplies, so I was going for something different this year. Anyway, my fall back was the old standby of half-dipping and then I decorated a few of them with a Sharpie pen. They are definitely not the beautiful intricate eggs I was going for this year, but I think they turned out cute. Hope you are having a Happy Easter! - Patty


Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,

I think your eggs look great! I cannot wait to see more of your cards and I am looking forward to seeing your studio. You do such a wonderful job.


groovyvirgochick said...

I think they look great as well.