Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love Tattered Angels Glimmer Screens!

I made over a dozen cards using the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Screens. They were so easy to use and best of all... they were easy to clean up! Most of the cards I made were just simply placing the screen onto the cardstock, spraying on the mist, and when it was all dry, I outlined the design with a white pen and added embellishments. However, in between card I was blotting the stencil onto a scrap piece of paper and it was actually making a nice image! So I made a few cards from the actual blotting paper and then I started to purposefully stamp with the glimmer screen after using it as stencil, so I was getting two cards from every spray application. Anyway, I've posted a few of them here, the rest are posted in my on-line gallery.

Here are ones where the screen was used as a stencil.

Here is one made from the blotter paper.

Here are two where the screen was being used as a stamp.

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Barbara said...

omg i love this! i just received an ebay order of tattered angels glimmer mists & glimmer screens. i was just about to post them to sell on ebay because i couldn't see how to use for them making cards!!! i had googled glimmer mist hoping to get a retail price range, and your blog was in the results! thank you so much for sharing. your cards are stunning...just gorgeous! please pardon my excessive use of exclamation points...i'm just REALLY excited! could you tell? lol

have a great day,